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Rick Pier O’Neil Aka RPO


Rick Pier O’Neil started as a Dj in a French club
when he was 14.
A sound technics addict , he became sound engineer and created his first studio at 16.
He started producing his first titles such as Sequential «Chocho Loco »,Tribal Nation « In de ghetto » which led him quickly at the top of the french charts.
He began working with such major labels as Sony Music,Universal,Motown,Polygramm.. as remixer for Kool and the gang, Stevie Wonder……
With the emerging of the house music movement, he set foot overseas and and becomes part on the US musical stage.
The first title realized there ranks 5th in the famous Billboard Chart.
Sussex house « I feel good » will be the beggining with Epic NYC, Japan Sony BMG as an artist remixer such as Donna Summer, Lenny Kravitz,Ultra Nate,Cee Peniston…..
The title “I don’t want nobody ” created for Cheri Amore (Vocalist today of Armin Van Buuren’s tracks) will be a hit in most European countries
as well as in the US. RPO makes rankings on the US Billboard and is acknowledged by the biggest Djs.

Built by his American experience, he decides to create his own music label with dark sonorities much more progressive but also more tribal Underground.
It’s a risky career choice but his passion for creativity will always grow stronger.
The label RPO Records and GARBAGE Records will soon played and playlisted by leading Dj like Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, John Digweed, Boy George,
Anthony Papa, Steve Lawler ..and more . These productions will be compiled all over the world on the best CD : Global Underground, Amnesia,Matinee…
He leaves France and settle in Barcelona. He continues his career as a producer and in thé mean time performs as a Dj in the best clubs in the world.
He starts a residency for Amnesia France Tour, and is one of the first resident in Frisky radio … He then leaves the city of Gaudi for Mexico where he still lives.

Child of soul music and techno, he now produces his own sonorities. Lots of Dj speakeasy about that the RPO Sound …
He has produced and created over 500 titles up to now under various artist names and surrounds himself with the best vocalists and musicians.
His 30-years long career in the studio or behind the turntables is the proof if needed that the passion for music fuels Rick Pier O’Neil’s life.

He is recognized as one the top tastemakers, with a popularity that has been growing worlwide.
RPO’s banging beats put him at the center of the new breed of mixers on the digital DJ rig, easy to see why he has drawn attention and fame

Labels :
Rpo Records
Outta Limits
Freegrand Music
Bonzai Progressive
Stereo Production
Black Hole Recordings
Sudbeat Music
Beatfreak Recordinds
Set About
Kinetika Records
Parquet Records
Balkan Connection
Perspective Digital
Mistique music
Saturate Audio
Suffused Music
76 Recordings
JOOF Recordings
Garbage Records
Electronic Tree
Revelation Records
OLD SQL Recordings
Vasilek Records
Majestic Family
PHW Elements
Soundteller Records
Kunai records
Clinique Recordings
Baroque Records
Trample Records
Plusquam Records
Massive Harmony
White Label
Frekency Records
APPLE Jaxx Recordings
Pure Perception
Display Recordings
Invert Recordings
Younan Music
Futura Groove Records
Iono Music
Blue Tunes Records
Opyum Music
Iboga Records
Open Records
Tribal Vision Records
Toro Records
Nervine Records
Arcade France
Pure perception Records
Echoes Records
Coraza Recordings
Olabv Music
Island Records
Adjust Recordings
Premier Sound Uk
Warner Usa
Airplay Music
East West Fleche
Reverence Recordings
Blanco y negro
Cnr Music
Real Deal Usa
Virgin Usa
Bmg mexico
Cyber Fr
Penso Positivo
Vesta Records
Virgin Usa
Mootown Usa
We love Muzik
Solar Record
More vinyl
Tweek’ed Records
Distraekt Records Uk
Tommy Boy Silver
Strictly Rhythm
Jellibean records
RPO Traxx
Warner UK
Wifi recordings
Toro records
Vesta records
Sony Music

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