CANBERK Yeditepe üni den arkadaş çevremizce dinliyor beğeniyor ve takipteyiz,harikasınız. DAN AWWW AMAZING RADIO STATION Luke I just discovered your channel and it's been great, I can listen to music without buying a paid membership, this is great, love from Germany - Blumberg



Paula M, was born in Portugal in 1976. She always loved techno, but she had never thought about becoming a DJ, but… In May of 2020, Paula installed an App on her phone to produce Techno music and what started as a joke, quickly took the taste to it and started sharing his music on his Facebook page. Friends supported her, and when she turn his birthday, some of them offered her a controller. She started learning the controller with the help of videos on Youtube and some tips from some DJ friends. In January she received an invitation, from Techno Connection radio in UK, and this was a turning point for her to be even more serious as a Dj. She has been guest in many radios around the world. She already has the pleasure of performing live for sometimes in Luxembourg and France, and a great honor for having played with amazing Dj’s. She belongs to a group of Djanes in France the ”Fraiches Cocottes”. She loves being a DJ … Thanks to who follow her & support.

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