CANBERK Yeditepe üni den arkadaş çevremizce dinliyor beğeniyor ve takipteyiz,harikasınız. DAN AWWW AMAZING RADIO STATION Luke I just discovered your channel and it's been great, I can listen to music without buying a paid membership, this is great, love from Germany - Blumberg

Jonas / Zstimer



Stripped Recordings (UK)
Superordinate (UK)
RPO Records (France)
Soundteller (Poland)
Stellar Fountain (Hungary)
Tenampa Recordings (Mexico)
AH Digital (Belgium)
Plusquam Records (Germany)
BQ Recordings (Clinique) (Russia)
NPI Label (Mexico)
V Sun Records (Mexico)
B+music (Mexico)
VapourTrail Records (Spain)
Majestic Family Records (United States)
Smart Phenomena Records (Romania)

contact, info, remix request & booking:

With a solid career as a musician, dj, producer, remixer and a history of more than 10 years, is one of the names to follow of the mexican electronic scene. At an early age, began his musical career when he learned to play drums, and then piano, both with great skill.

Thanks to his talent and unique style has alternated with important names of the international electronic scene such as Anthony Pappa, Antix/Fiord, Astronivo, Banco de Gaia, Chris Fortier, Cid Inc., Guy J, Ink Fish, James Monro, Jason Jollins, Johnson & Haske, Logiztik Sounds, Martin Buttrich, Norman H, Paul Oakenfold, Peter Didgital, Randall Jones, Rick Pier O´Neil, Robert Babicz, Steve Lawler, Steve Porter, Thomas Penton, Ticon, Timo Maas among others, as well the most outstanding talent of the mexican electronic scene such as Caballero, Gabriel I, Mauricio K, Messie, Neftali Blasko, Rodrigo Cortazar, Shonu, Tini Tun, Vazik, Velika among others.

20Doce (Merida), Acanto, AM, Bara Bara (Pto. Morelos), Boogaloo (Laredo, TX), Continental Dj Club (Cuernavaca), DC, Dine (Colmillo), Distrito, Foreplay (Qro.), Foro Normandie, Hookah Lounge Condesa, Jaguar House (Merida), La Old School (PDC), Pervert Lounge, Roots Magic Club, Sounds Of Life Festival (Veracruz), Spirit Of Colours Festival, Sudaka, Tabu (Hermosillo), Tara, Terraza Catedral, Tunnel Fest (Guanajuato), Vh Club (Villahermosa), Vohn Club (Leon) are some of the clubs and festivals where he has performed.

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