Music is a journey where it is great to get lost. Each time *

Born in 1977 in ex-Jugoslavia – Republic Slovenia, to Slovenian mother and Arabian father, which influenced her music selection with oriental rhythm and vocals. Music was always an important part of her life, she explored many generes – from disco, rock, metal, hard core, raggie, jazz,… towards electronic music , where she discovered a diversity of genres and sounds and many of them inspired her – she likes deep, powerful sounds in progressive house, techno, house, and always finds inspiration in other genres such as dub, ethno,.. She likes to share the passion for music with the world, so she`s spreading underground music live and on radio shows, where she`s been active since 2011.

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Loops Radio was established in 2015 in Istanbul, Türkiye.
by people who are fond of electronic music,

it has hosted thousands of DJs and has reached tens of thousands of fans in Türkiye and other countries,

it is constantly working to improve the listener experience for its fans,

we are broadcasting with 6 different radio channels for now. There will be 10 radio channels in total, you can listen to our channels in the playback section.

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