CANBERK Yeditepe üni den arkadaş çevremizce dinliyor beğeniyor ve takipteyiz,harikasınız. DAN AWWW AMAZING RADIO STATION Luke I just discovered your channel and it's been great, I can listen to music without buying a paid membership, this is great, love from Germany - Blumberg

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Dj Life


New Year Eve 2024 Loops Radio Progressive GMT+3 ISTANBUL - TURKIYE PROGRESSIVE HOUSE 30.12.2023 15:00 Affect Of Psychotic  16:00 Eray  17:00 Mousstie  18:00 Deejay Oxid  19:00 Ntrophy Music  20:00 Polly Grail  21:00 Lea Koha  22:00 Tolga Peksakar  23:00 Barış Özel  00:00 Yusuf Kurt  01:00 Levent Er  02:00 Lulu & Evren  03:00 Onur Bulut  04:00 Omar Musal  05:00 Daraske  06:00 Serdar Argun  07:00 Merve Tezgel  08:00 Ivan Martinez  09:00 David Podhel  10:00 Llosa  11:00 Losan  12:00 Donda  13:00 Jorge Pizana  14:00 […]

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Grunge Rock

Drummer Extraordinaire Launches Bold Solo Project with Debut Album

This is a demo post from Pro Radio. A descendant of punk rock, Nirvana was one of the most famous bands to make alternative rock music mainstream. Ironically, this genre became popular after the grunge period - which deprecated mainstream, commercial types of music. In addition to Nirvana, some extremely well known and highly successful bands formed around alt rock, including REM - one of the earliest "alternative" bands, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Violent Femmes, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, […]

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