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YouTube Fan Reactions

This is one of the only tracks…that I cannot fast forward or skip through. It doesn’t matter how bad or great life is at that moment….I have to give my undivided attention to acknowledge the sheer brilliance of Harry Lemon and the feeling this track invokes in me. Das Beste.” (North Atlantic – Lights Out (Lemon8 Remix)
“Listen to the sounds around you” – just a perfect sample for this and all other Lemon8 productions/remixes“ (North Atlantic – Lights Out (Lemon8 Remix)
I used to play this all the time in my sets back in the day (f*ck me, that makes me sound old….), and it was an absolute floor filler – guaranteed. The bass line, the sweeping pads, the vocal – all awesome. The thing is….. it still has that same affect today. This and the original – people dance like no one’s watching when they hear them. The epitome of timeless quality.” (Lemon8 – Lose Control (The Inner Sanctuary Mix)
This track is the definition of what progressive is and what should be.” (North Atlantic – Lights Out (Lemon8 Remix)
MY dad Passed on to the other side earthly FATHER’S favorite DANCE SONG…Once when taking a family trip, wife was driving me and my 5 year old son in the back. I says (got this song off of the Anthony Pappa’s Compilation) HEY PLAY THIS SONG FOR DAD….Not 2 minutes into it he starts to bounce so hard in the front seat we had to turn it down for fear of losing him out the passenger door. He says BOY THAT’S THE BEST I EVER HEARD….TURN IT BACK UP and THANKS SON…CARRY ON….YEE HAW “ (Revolt – Relax (lemon8 Remix)
Gives me shivers and goosebumps! What an awesome track… Instant one of top 10 trance tunes of all time for me.“ (Main Element feat. Kyla – Take Me Down (Lemon8 Remix)
Lemon8…..masterclass in remixing……stunning tune!”(Main Element feat. Kyla – Take Me Down (Lemon8 Remix)
Lemon8 is the man. this remix is beyond words, his use of the word inside of a beat is stunning. sounds like it is coming from inside the music instead of a piece of the music“ (Main Element feat. Kyla (Lemon8 Remix)
Great build up. Definitely Borg technology. Love this guy. Nina Kraviz could learn a thing or two from the master. says dj startrak“ (Cajun – Awareness (Lemon8 Remix)
There are artist like Harry Lemon, able to produce music that’s 20 years ahead of others” (Nugen – Braaj (Lemon8 Remix)
“When I would play this at parties at my flat about 9 years ago, there was the point in the evening when all conversations going on in the room would just end and everyone would just dance. I’d look up from the decks and see – eyes closed – arms waving – swaying side to side – stupid smiles on their faces. All lost in their own worlds. Very special track.“ (Lemon8 – Lose Control (Original Mix)
Monster track from the best era of magic music. I remember taking off to this at Cream. Mr Seb Fontaine used to drop this in a lot. legend!” – “So deep. Great. When the bass line shifts in the final break: Fantastic!” – “F# – F – D – D / F – E – D – D. 1st and 2nd line of main synth riff.” – “A masterpiece. The groove is holding the whole track, and the bass in climax is just Godlike” (Arrakis – Aira Force (Lemon8 Remix)
So glad this was in the top 100 tracks heard at Houghton, cause it’s seriously good, beyond great .” (Lemon8 – Triple Funk)
I keep coming back to this and being continually blown away by how much of a punch this tune packs“ (Lemon8 – Triple Funk)
Quite possibly the best acid house track of all time.” (Lemon8 – Model8 remix)
The patience, rhythm and building up for me is fan-f*ck*n’-tastic….“ (Lemon8 – Model8 rmx)
Played at the right time, which is pretty much at any time, it completely kills (positive) the dance floor .” (Lemon8 – Model8 rmx)
Lemon8 is so underrated. he made dozens of tracks, all really great, hundreds of remixes, great as well. He should stand on the pedestal right next to Nick Warren and Sasha and all those freaks” (Lemon8 – The only Way)
This remix sounds so much ahead of it’s time.” (Greed feat. Lesley – Strange World (Lemon8 Rmx))
I know a lot of people like the Blackwatch’ King Monkey Dub version the best but this version is so far above all the other mixes IMHO that it’s almost no comparison. I used to play this right as peak hour was approaching and the floor would go apesh*t for it! (Greed feat. Lesley – Strange World – Lemon8 Remix)
Simply the best progressive set ever…perfect selection, is elegant, powerful…. fused more than mixed .” (Lemon8 – The Inner Sanctuary Sessions)
Infinite Prog in Infinite Combinations ..The Golden Age Of Prog 1996-2002. Amen.“ (Lemon8 – The Inner Sanctuary Sessions)
I have not heard music this good since free-raving days circa 1990 something – utterly awesome .” (Lemon8 – The Inner Sanctuary Sessions)
Wow, this mix takes my breath away! Absolutely brilliant. Imo this is where Sasha got his idea for Involver. “ “ Absolutamente impecable este set, tremendo viaje, que fino… todo un genio!!“ “ LEMON8, What to say..?????……wowwwww. This is proper and neat. What a journey man ….. “ “ Beyond awesome – this guy is amazing.” “ A legend, best sound in this genre .” “ As good as music gets in any genre. Stellar and amazing.“ “ This is definitely the best album ever to me, the depth and perfection of all tracks made by Lemon8 aka Harry Lemon are incredible.” “ Lemon8 aka Harry Lemon is awesome – A sublime mix of dark and driving trance” “ No one quite like Harry. . . Master at his game” (Lemon8 – The Inner Sanctuary Sessions)
Massive producer. Just massive. I think he is king of Dream Music. He is from another planet. Listen to his art… wonderful Harry Lemon” , “ Lemon8 and Hernan Cattaneo are gods amongst mortals.” “ Harry Lemon is the Don.“ (Lemon8 Live @ Kristal Club, Bucharest)
Such a sweet build up, breaking down and changing round 4.50 …. then a sweet 2 minute break build up ……climaxing and completing the story of the record not until 7.35 or so….. gem of a record!“ – “ Serious ear candy! I saw him at Spundae L.A. back in 2003. He blew the roof off the place!“ – (Lemon8 – New York, New York (Out of the Sanctuary Mix)
Well we all agree on one thing; Lemon8 is the shiiiiiit! Thats what I’m talking about baby” – “ Love this guy, he can do no wrong. Hope I can meet him before I die. Why cant more DJ’s be like this ???“ – “ A progressive house classic! “ (Lemon8 – New York, New York)
Best Mix for Sure.. Harry Lemon F*ck*n Genius…“ – “ Words can’t totally describe the beauty of that track!!!” – “ My absolute All-Time Fav – Summer Open Air – speechless.” (Solid Sessions – Janeiro (Lemon8 Remix)
This remix left me speechless. I have no words. epic! “ – “ Lemon8 have produced countless top draw remixes….this is right up there with his remixes of Greed – Strange Strange World & Solid Sessions – Janeiro, Progressive house at its best. “ – “ Most underrated progressive producer EVER. Name one of his tracks that’s actually unpleasant to listen to, I challenge thou.“ – (Girl Nobody – Cages (Lemon8 Remix)
Magnificent production. “Double bass” brutus. Record goes on and on. Brilliant move to use the pitched cheesy voices, if you don’t like them? Listen this record a second and a third time and you will hear it’s brilliance. over a ten years old, it completely survived time, will be just as good in another ten years. Master Piece.“ (Lemon8 presents The Disco Demon Series Vol.2 – Happy Dayz)

Pro Reviews

This is one heck of a Gatecrasher-Ministry-of-Sound, epic, driving, progressive trance tune… Playing for a little over 11 minutes, you could’ve cut a few slices of this lemon and still maintaining the juicy flavour! Great track!” – Son Kite – On Air (Lemon8 rmx)
Without any kind of promotion whatsoever, Harry ‘Lemon8’ managed to beat the finest in the world of contemporary dance music today. Other nominees were John Digweed, Coldplay, Satoshi Tomiie, Fabric Live and Yoshitoshi.” 365Mag – Lemon8 wins Cool Award
The sheer explosive power of the ‘Lemon8 Remix’ on the flip alone pushes the senses with as much intensity and impact today as it did on the original release back in 1993.” 365Mag – Model8
Harry takes us to a trip through spacey sounds, shifting between tension and release, leaving you breathless with that amazing feeling of pure energy.” Ariel Benarrivo (PS) – Lose Control
So there you have it. One of the most anticipated tracks in the past two years is now available for each and everyone of you to own. Nothing strange going down, just every track he does, Harry showcases quality, more and more.” Progressive Sounds – New york, New york
The original is an energetic bomb which reminds me of the old (dutch) times. Halfway the nineties this great dutch hardtrance sound had the deepness of psychedelic trance, the smoothness of progressive house and the energy of hardhouse. All these elements are back in this track.” 365Mag – Lose Control
Tracks like this one is what has made Harry so famous. He takes us on a trip through spacey sounds which will blow your mind away and leave you breathless as you feel the pure energy being released in this remix.” Resident Advisor – Lose Control
The Inner Sanctuary Sessions” covers most of Lemon 8’s back catalogue and there is not one bad track on this mix compilation that has been spinning on my CD deck since I got it.” Clubbing Magazine – The Inner Sanctuary Sessions
hands down the most sought after progressive cut EVER!!!” – on New, York, New York
A brilliant new slice of chunky` techy club fodder that once again crosses all boundaries` appealing to tech house` prog and trance lovers alike.” – Happy Dayz
It would really take a producer with exceptional talent to push this tune in a different direction and create something that stands out. And Lemon 8 is a man with the ability for such a task. This Lemon8 remix is quality from start to finish. A great remix by one of the worlds finest.” Resident Advisor – Braaij, Lemon8 rmx
A throbbing sub bass monster with killer riffs, this mix absolutely hammers right from the opening, each section flowing into each other seamlessly as Harry´s trademark pumping energy forms the heart of this dynamic and devastating remix.” Progressive Sounds – Cages Lemon8 remix
The single has been championed for years by the likes of Villalobos, Hawtin and many more as integral secret weapons in their sets. The sheer heaviness the Lemon8 remix alone makes this a must-buy classic.” Boomkat Records – Model8
As the remix begins clever, filtered hints of the lead waver in and out through the great DJ friendly intro created by Lemon8. The bassline is thick, rich and so well shaped that you can’t help but bob your head to it. The layers of drums are always absolutely staggering on any Lemon8 production, how everything sits so perfectly balanced in the mix is really unbelievable. When the lead hook gets dropped in it’s game over, the groove on this is absolutely incredible as it’s builds to a fantastic drummy breakdown. When the whole thing drops back in to just the groove, clattering percussion and one lone, very effective stab you can be sure your dancefloor will lose it. As the elements slowly drop back in after the break some dreamy, soothing chords hover over top of the framework to amazing effect for a spectacular, emotional finale to the record.. Another epic piece of dancefloor brilliance from Lemon8” Release Promo – Oliver Moldan – Nocturn (Lemon8 Remix)
What more can we really say about Harry Lemon? He’s one of our all time favorite producers here at Release Promo and under his much-loved Lemon8 production alias he has now been producing top notch dance music in 3 different decades!” Mitch Alexander – Artist ProfileHarry Lemon isn´t just a producer, more an assassin when it comes down to the small details, and this mix easily slams it´s way into the top three things he´s ever done. Mind blowingly good stuff from the Inner Sanctuary.” Simon Jones – Strange World
The next remix is provided by the legendary Lemon8. This one spent a good 4 weeks in the Release Promo Top 5 and with good reason, it’s a deep progressive masterpiece of a remix. The subtle almost earthy tones in this remix make it such a classy sounding piece of music, so smooth and soulful. The piano sections in the breakdown are perfect, so soothing and emotional with a distinct feeling of ‘hope’ that emanates from it. Your dancefloor will get lost in this one, many magic moments to come from this track, such a great remix from Lemon8” Release Promo – Steve Murrell – EYOL Lemon8 Remix
You can tell a lot of time goes into each Lemon8 production and this one is a well- crafted masterpiece” Mitch Alexander – release promo about Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Twilight (Lemon8 Remix)
Lemon8 is a trendsetter and pioneer in dance music, so it comes as no surprise that his music sounds so fresh. There is a clean crispness to his music, not sloppy, and always interesting to listen to the first through ten times listening to it” WordPress – Lemon8 Artist Review
The layers of percussion that Lemon8 builds here are really impressive and will be murder on most dancefloors no doubt. The breakdown is immense but the constant building percussion and drum elements keep it quite danceable. When stabs and kick drop back in the energy on the dancefloor will be electric for sure. Lemon8’s remix just oozes quality and rounds out an amazing package from Mistique in epic fashion!” Mitch Alexander – Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – Twilight (Lemon8 Remix) – Mistique Music
It is worth noting, that Lemon8 doesn’t rush into his creative climax in the track, but let’s it build like a rising wave, where we await the impending the crescendo!” Jason Chiu – Misuse Abuse @ WordPress
its huge claps, viciously climaxing snare rolls and wild siren sample rains contempt down on modern, spineless techno.” Hot Press – Model8
This is one of those amazing tunes from the 90’s (released originally in 93 to be exact), Hawtin has cained this since well it was released. Classic 90’s acid techno at it’s best. Buy it and just let the acid take control over you” – Model8 re-release
Lemon8’s music is very vibrant & exciting. Surprisingly, there is a complexity in each track, and each one has a completely different vibe” Jason Chiu – Jason Chu's WordPress Review
This man needs no introduction, he is well known for making the progressive big in Holland, not to mention the fame he has built abroad thanks to his numerous releases and remixes.” 365Mag – Lemon8 Live



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